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Elephant Herbs or Supplements.

Elephant Herbs or Supplements. To provide vitamin supplements for the health and well-being of elephants and to prevent diseases, elephants can be given these supplements daily, regardless of whether they are ill or not. If an elephant becomes sick and needs care, there are veterinarians available to take care of them. Book: Facebook: Instagram:

Amazing Experience with Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary.

Amazing Experience with Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary.   If you’re looking for an amazing place to see these incredible creatures, look no further than the PHUKET Elephant House Sanctuary. The Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary is located in Phuket, Thailand, and it offers visitors the opportunity to interact with elephants in an ethical and responsible manner.

Walk in forest with Elephants.

Walk in forest with Elephants. Walking in a forest sanctuary with elephants can be a truly remarkable and memorable experience. Walking with elephants is a unique and awe-inspiring experience that allows you to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth and have captivated human beings

What is elephant sanctuary?

What is elephant sanctuary? An elephant sanctuary is a facility or protected area specifically created for the care, rehabilitation, and conservation of elephants. These sanctuaries aim to provide a safe and natural environment for elephants to live in, away from the threats of poaching, habitat loss, and exploitation. Elephant sanctuaries typically rescue elephants from various

Let’s Observe Our Elephants.

Let’s Observe Our Elephants. At Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary You can observe our elephants, how they are living and what they eat. It brings You experience with the elephants. Finally, once the animals have finished eating you have a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals, learn how to hand feed

What do you NEED TO BRING ?

What do you NEED TO BRING ? Change Clothes Swimming Suite Towel Sandals Bag for the wet clothes NOTICE There are shower rooms for visitors to change their clothes. Book: Facebook: Instagram:


FAMILY MEMBER ELEPHANTS  NOI (น้อย) Our oldest elephant, 52 years old, weighs about 2000 kg, is very cute, loves children, and is very friendly. DOOKDIK (ดุ๊กดิ๊ก) Dookdik is an elephant that has been with us for a long time. Dookdik, 47 years old weighs 2000 kg., is a good-tempered and playful elephant. And she really