Spa Mud.

Elephants Spa Mud is The Most Fun Activity.
Spending good time with majestic and kind asian elephants and learn how to do the elephants’ spa bath with them. Elephants spa mud is the most fun activity of all. Mud spa bath is apply in all programs we offer from A, B and C. However, the time will be different in each programs. For program B & C, sanctuary will offer you traditional Thai farmer cloth for you to change during all the muddy activity.

The mud spa activity is perfect for all ages and genders.

The activity is perfect for elephant lovers and suitable for all ages and gender. Because our giant family members are all kind and friendly. There are nothing to worry about as spa mud is one of the most enjoyable activity elephant usually do. They love it!

Why Elephants need spa mud?

An elephant uses mud as a sunscreen, protecting its skin from ultraviolet light. Although tough, an elephant’s skin is very sensitive. Without regular mud baths to protect it from burning, insect bites and moisture loss, an elephant’s skin suffers serious damage.