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Let’s Observe Our Elephants.

Let’s Observe Our Elephants. At Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary You can observe our elephants, how they are living and what they eat. It brings You experience with the elephants. Finally, once the animals have finished eating you have a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals, learn how to hand feed

What do you NEED TO BRING ?

What do you NEED TO BRING ? Change Clothes Swimming Suite Towel Sandals Bag for the wet clothes NOTICE There are shower rooms for visitors to change their clothes. Book: Facebook: Instagram:


FAMILY MEMBER ELEPHANTS  NOI (น้อย) Our oldest elephant, 52 years old, weighs about 2000 kg, is very cute, loves children, and is very friendly. DOOKDIK (ดุ๊กดิ๊ก) Dookdik is an elephant that has been with us for a long time. Dookdik, 47 years old weighs 2000 kg., is a good-tempered and playful elephant. And she really


ELEPHANT’S ENCYCLOPEDIA: MAKING ELEPHANT’S HERB Elephant herbal remedies passed between local mahouts from generation to generation. The herbal remedy is natural medicine made from plants or leaves that are easily find in Lanta’s forest. The herbal contains drug-like substances that can naturally cure and common diseases. This herbal remedy is not a secret recipe at


THE REASON WHY YOU HAVE TO CHOSEN PHUKET ELEPHANT HOUSE SANCTUARY. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is a wonderful place where you can observe elephants in their natural habitat and learn about their behaviors, diets, and lifestyles. This sanctuary is a safe haven for elephants that have been rescued from various forms of abuse and exploitation, including

Properties of the trunk of an elephant

Properties of the trunk of an elephant Strong and muscular: An elephant’s trunk is incredibly strong and muscular, allowing it to lift heavy objects and manipulate delicate items. Versatile: The trunk can be used for a variety of tasks such as drinking, bathing, breathing, communicating, and even defense. Sensitive: The trunk has an excellent sense of touch,

Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary

Island life is the best life. Especially when that island is Phuket, and you get to visit  Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary. If you’re looking for an incredible island experience that’s off the beaten path, then this is it.  Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary is a rescue center for elephants who have been abused or injured. It’s


Elephants are known to be amongst the most intelligent animals on earth and have complex emotions as well. Elephants help the ecosystem to expand and survive by their routine food consumption and activities. They are the largest land mammal and consume a heavy quantity of vegetation daily. This results in the production of huge amounts