NOI (น้อย)
Our oldest elephant, 52 years old, weighs about 2000 kg, is very cute, loves children, and is very friendly.

DOOKDIK (ดุ๊กดิ๊ก)
Dookdik is an elephant that has been with us for a long time. Dookdik, 47 years old weighs 2000 kg., is a good-tempered and playful elephant. And she really love children.

PUI (ปุ้ย)
Pui The youngest elephant is 41 years old and weighs 2,200 kg. Cuteness, fun, and generosity are always available to everyone.

PUPE (ปูเป้)
The biggest elephant and oldest elephant is 40 – 50 years old, is in a very good mood, and is very friendly. And she can hug and cuddle it entirely.

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