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PHUKET Elephant House Sanctuary is a must-do for any Elephant lover

A visit to PHUKET Elephant House Sanctuary is a must-do for any Elephant lover. This ethical elephant sanctuary offers visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. You can even help to bathe them in the mud pools! Best of all, there is no riding allowed, so you can be

Unforgettable Experience

Welcome to Phuket Elephant HOUSE Sanctuary, the first and only ethical elephant tourist destination in Thailand! We are dedicated to rescuing sick, injured, and old elephants who have spent their lives working in the logging and tourism industries. Our elephants are given a final home here where they can roam, bathe, forage, and socialize freely.

Our Sanctuary

Phuket Elephant HOUSE Sanctuary is the perfect place to see elephants in their natural habitat and learn about the efforts being made to protect these magnificent creatures. The sanctuary is home to a herd of rescued elephants, many of whom have been traumatized by their experiences in the tourism and logging industries. Visitors can take

Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary

Island life is the best life. Especially when that island is Phuket, and you get to visit  Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary. If you’re looking for an incredible island experience that’s off the beaten path, then this is it.  Phuket Elephant House Sanctuary is a rescue center for elephants who have been abused or injured. It’s